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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Quilter's Eggs and Fried Rice - Easy Recipe

Pan fry pre cooked rice with a little olive oil. I pre cooked my rice the night before, in the microwave and then refrigerated it.
After the rice is hot, make a hole in the center of the rice for the egg. Add the egg.
Squish the yoke.
Season however you would like. I add a little pepper, but I do not add salt.  I don't like to add salt.
Flip the egg and break the egg up into pieces.
Mix the egg with the rice.
Serve hot with colorful fruits and nuts.
 Add a flower for color contrast, but don't eat it if you add an African Violet as they are not edible.

 Everything tastes better, when it looks pretty --- Like at quilt!

I take the flower out and put it in a tiny vase and I can enjoy the bloom for a few more days.
 Add one blackberry to my ice water.

That's a quilter's lunch!
And that's why lunch looks like a quilt to me!
Enjoy your day!
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  1. That is a great recipe. My little girl has a cooking blog at always in need of a good new Recipe would you like me to add your Recipe and link back to your blog?

  2. Great hint to cook up your rice the night before! Cold rice works best for fried rice - yum.

  3. I must try this...your photos look wonderful as always. :)

  4. That looks really good! I would never have thought of adding the fruits and nuts to the rice and I like the berry in your water! Thanks for sharing Marica!
    Quilting by the River


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