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Friday, July 27, 2012

First Tomatoes on Display!

My first couple tomatoes started to ripen around the 4th of July.  These were the first three!

I had a couple every day and now about 10 a day.  I expect by the end of July to have way more than I can use.

I added the daisy for some highlights of color! They are always in full bloom around the 4th of July.

This photo would make a great inspiration for a quilt color combination. "It looks like a quilt to me!"

I am planning to make pizza sauce this summer.  My brother and his son and my Mom are coming to visit sometime in August.  We can make pizza sauce in memory of my Dad.  He made the best pizza and pizza sauce!

I find inspiration when taking photos of my garden and all the colors in my world...

Enjoy your day!


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