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Monday, April 2, 2012

A Quilter with a Green Thumb - Tulips

We have a bouquet of tulips for our kitchen table. They weren't quite open when we cut them and now they are in full bloom!

I placed them next to the shamrock plant.

I thought there was a tag on the shamrock plant, but I guess not, so I can't tell you it's name.
Anyone know what it is? Please leave me a comment or email me.  Thanks!
The little white flowers are beautiful.  They are about the size of a quarter.

The leaves of course look like shamrocks.

I moved the tulips over to take a photo next to my Aloe and Violet plants.

I love the backdrop of the other plants -- makes the red and the pink of the tulips more vibrant.

We are really enjoying this early spring in Wisconsin.  Wish we could count on it staying warm and not freezing at night.  I am going to just keep everything inside til it is safe not to freeze.
Take time to enjoy the colors around you -  inside or outside!
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  1. Beautiful flowers for your kitchen table!

  2. I love the "whimsy" of tulips - and look good in any color. Beautiful. Judy C


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