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Friday, May 25, 2012

A Renewed Freshness After the Rain

It was extremely windy all day. The storms came in and it poured.  Not a lot of thunder and lightening -- just rain.  Then it stopped and the sun tried to shine through the clouds at the end of the day.
I was worried my plants wouldn't make it through the wind and the rain, but they awoke with a renewed freshness after the storm.  This little wood violet was protected by it's leaves.
Everything seems to be refreshed by the rain...
Thyme with little blossoms!

My Morning Glories are starting to take off and wrap around the trellis!
 The lettuce looks fresh and crisp with the rain water on it's leaves.  I'll cut some for sandwiches for this weekend.
A leaf on my pepper plants.

The violas looks a little damaged, but they are pretty tough and will bounce back with more blooms!
The Culantro looks pretty good this morning.
The Basil took a bit of a beating from the wind and the rain.

I planted some tomatoes in containers under the hanging tomatoes!
Can you see the Robin on the pot?  The Robins made a nest under my deck.

These are the hot banana peppers from my kids when they come home to visit this summer.
The marigolds on the bottom row to keep the bunnies away from the garden plants.
Going to pick a few green onions for this weekend too!
This will eventually be a lush green with plants and Morning Glories over the entry way to my quilting shop.
Can you smell the sweet basil?
I took time to smell them this morning and I plan to enjoy my garden and everything around me with a renewed freshness.

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