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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Morning Snack with a View of My Plants!

 Mini Avocados
 Pumpkin Seeds
 Whole almonds and slivered almonds in the same jar.
 Makes for nice morning snack.

While I snacked, I took a few photos of my tomato blossoms.
 Took the first photo with my hand as the backdrop.
 Tried taking the photo with the sky light in the background.

It was definitely a few Minutes for Me!  I'll miss my veggie and herb plants on my kitchen counter when they go outside, later in May.
Take time to enjoy the little details in your life.
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  1. A bright and colorful snack makes you feel good, doesn't it?!

  2. Mmm - you made me hungry ;)
    Your first photo of the tomato flower is my favorite!
    Enjoy a beautiful day!
    Pia xx

  3. Nice shots of your plants. I can't wait for our homegrown tomatoes!


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