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Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's for Lunch Yesterday and Today?

 First I made a simple salad - about a 3 serving size.

 I love carrots!

 I dumped out the sugar juice on the fruit. I live in Wisconsin and our choices of fresh fruits are small, so this is good fruit option for me.
 The melon was on sale. I love fresh melon. It's a good choice for lunch.
I added about one serving of the carrot salad to a large bed of romaine lettuce. No extra dressing! 
I had some leftover pasta chicken salad and a few slices of cheese for the protein part of my meal.
 I got the plant just before St. Patty's Day for only $3.87 at our local grocery store.  It brightens up my day to have all the plants in my home. 

Up close of the leaves.  The plant closes up at night - leaves and blossoms. It's really cool. Never had a plant like this.

 I love the little blossoms.

The berries in my water don't really add flavor, but they look cool!

 OK, I couldn't eat it all, so put it all on one plate and saved it for a mid afternoon snack.
 I drink all my water.  I saved the berries for the afternoon snack.

Today, I fried up 2 eggs and added a little shredded cheese, sliced a tomato, and had another helping of the carrot salad.

 Some of my parsley was ready to pick. I added it to my lunch! 
What did you have for lunch yesterday and today? 

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  1. My meals are never as pretty as yours. You just enjoy all aspects of life!


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