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Photos of breakfast, lunch, and dinner on my quilts. Including photos from my container garden. Sometimes, I will post a quick and easy recipe. This is my "just for fun" BLOG ! I see so many things that inspire my quilting!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Can a Pretty Plate Make Lunch Less Boring?

Take one cool plate. Add mandarin oranges around the edges of the plate and top it with a violet.

How about a striped plate and a violet?

Add the fried egg, potatoes, and oranges.
I love all the colors.  I love all the flavors. I love to play!  Five minutes of playing a day, makes me happier!
Take time to play!
Enjoy your day!
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Three Winners Announced!

First, I want to welcome my new followers and thank my current followers.  On April 1st, I will be hosting another Giveaway right here for my blog followers as a Thank you for reading my blog.  I will again be sharing my Note Cards - the photo quilt ones this time! 
I love sharing photos of food, plants, and all the things that inspire my quilting. I planted parsley and basil together in this large jar. It smells so sweet!
Today's prizes are the Fabric and Toes Note Cards for three winners!
Cherilyn from A Farm Wife's Journal 
Samantha from Sam's Quilts and Crafts
Prairie Stitcher from Prairie Cottage Corner - Home of Sunbonnet Sue and Friends
Click on their blog names and hop over and check out their blogs! Congrats to the winners!
Thru' the Blog Hop, I found new blogs to follow too!

The Blog Hop Giveaway was hosted by Michele at Quilting Gallery.
Thanks Michele! 
When she hosts another one I will join in on the fun again.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's for Lunch Yesterday and Today?

 First I made a simple salad - about a 3 serving size.

 I love carrots!

 I dumped out the sugar juice on the fruit. I live in Wisconsin and our choices of fresh fruits are small, so this is good fruit option for me.
 The melon was on sale. I love fresh melon. It's a good choice for lunch.
I added about one serving of the carrot salad to a large bed of romaine lettuce. No extra dressing! 
I had some leftover pasta chicken salad and a few slices of cheese for the protein part of my meal.
 I got the plant just before St. Patty's Day for only $3.87 at our local grocery store.  It brightens up my day to have all the plants in my home. 

Up close of the leaves.  The plant closes up at night - leaves and blossoms. It's really cool. Never had a plant like this.

 I love the little blossoms.

The berries in my water don't really add flavor, but they look cool!

 OK, I couldn't eat it all, so put it all on one plate and saved it for a mid afternoon snack.
 I drink all my water.  I saved the berries for the afternoon snack.

Today, I fried up 2 eggs and added a little shredded cheese, sliced a tomato, and had another helping of the carrot salad.

 Some of my parsley was ready to pick. I added it to my lunch! 
What did you have for lunch yesterday and today? 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Blog Hop Giveaway - Fabric and Toes Note Cards - Three Prizes for Three Winners!

It's a Blog Hop Party hosted by Michele at Quilting Gallery. Thanks Michele!
Everything looks like a quilt to me!  
That is why I started this blog.
I see quilts and quilt ideas everywhere.  
Everyone is trying to eat healthy foods.
Me too.
I decided it would be fun to arrange and display the food on my plate.
Then I take photos of the food displayed on my plate. 
This is one of my favorite meals - Quilter's Eggs and Fried Rice.
Look at all the colors of my Chunky Chicken Salad.
The fixings for a roast dinner, look like a quilt to me!
I even see quilt ideas when feet form a four patch design on dyed fabric!
My toes are the blue toes - bottom left!  We took this photo at a quilt retreat.  I uploaded them and ordered them as greeting cards. They are available for purchase on my website.  Click here. 

I am giving away three prizes today!  That's three winners! Three packs of  Fabric and Toes Note Cards. One pack for each winner.  

Leave a comment and tell me where you see quilts to enter the giveaway. I will ship internationally too!

Please make sure you are a "reply blogger" or leave me your email with your comment. 

I would like to invite you to follow my blog. Thanks!

I am also hosting another giveaway on my quilting blog - Crafty Sewing and Quilting.  Hop over and enter it too!

Giveaway will end at Midnight CST on March 23rd.  The three winners will be contacted by email and announced on March 24th. 

Enjoy the Blog Hop Party!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Green Plate, A Green Quilt, Green Fabric, Some Green Veggies, and GREEN Eggs!

The table is set.

My green scrappy quilt on the blue green hand dyed fabric.
And now the green eggs...
Add a couple drops of green food coloring and scramble the egg!

I top my scrambled eggs with green olives and pecans and serve with celery and carrots. 

I sat down to eat the green eggs and I just couldn't do it, so I decided to try an easy over egg with splotches of green.

Nope I can't eat that either.... but it looks prettier than the scrambled eggs.  I think it looks like hand dyed fabric. I will put the green food coloring back in the cupboard and save it for a frosting.
I decided to just have a hard fried egg with NO added green!

Then I added a lettuce salad with a cheddar cheese and a mandarin orange for desert.
That's my idea of a colorful and delicious lunch - Served on my green plate, on my green quilt and green fabric.  
That's lunch made by a quilter.


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