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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Literally "Delicious" Turkey Sandwich!

Another all photo recipe!

  Ready to eat - Enjoy!

Save the leftover apple slices for tomorrow morning's recipe. Don't save the peels if you don't like peels.  I love peels.  We had to take them off for the sandwich and you have to have them off for apple pie and apple crisp.

  • Of course you do not need a fancy apple slicer and corer.  I used it, because I just bought one at a Pampered Chef Party*!
  • You could substitute the bread - any kind.  I like the rye best, because it is firmer and tastes great with the apple slices.
  • You can substitute the cheese with a cheddar cheese or your favorite one, but I like muenster cheese best.
  • Apples can be saved with lemon or lime juice or orange juice or fresh oranges.  I used the mandarin oranges, because I have them.
  • I live out in the country 11 miles from a grocery store, so I substitute quite often.
If you order an apple slicer or another item because you saw it here, please tell Lisa you heard about it thru' Marcia Wachuta!  Thanks!

Enjoy your Literally Delicious Turkey Sandwich!

I am linking this post up with my Minutes for Me Linky Party.  Just sharing something I love to do --- Lunch does look like a quilt to me!  Taking time to play!

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  1. Alright, I am completely jealous of that apple peeler, corer, slicer. And that tomorrow recipe looks yummy....I am almost there in my reader...

  2. That looks like a really REALLY good sandwich! I never thought to put apple on my sandwich. Genius.

  3. Yum. Nothing quite like the turkey sand....


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